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Bitcoin has been crazy over the last few weeks as the price of cryptocurrency has exploded, ranging from $ 7,300 to $ 10,600 before the momentum dissipates and BTC has slowed to its current level.

A prominent analyst now points out that Bitcoin’s inability to stabilize over $ 10,000 cannot amplify the history of the echo swamp that many analysts have been entertaining over the past two months.

Bitcoin finds ongoing support at $ 8,000
At the time of writing, Bitcoin is trading more than 2% at its current price of $ 8,190, lower than its daily low of $ 8,000, which is where the crypto crisis has been able to find continued support in recent days.

Over the last few days and weeks, bitcoin has been slowly declining, finding multiple levels of support before trading sideways, and eventually declining to find lower lower prices.

It is not yet clear whether this empty model will continue in the near future as BTC raises $ 8,000, but one analyst believes that cryptocurrency will soon have a major breakthrough.

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Popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter HornHairs spoke on a recent tweet, explaining that BTC’s demand around the current price range, as well as several other factors, led him to believe that this price level is moderately lower.

Does the Bearish BTC Echo Bubble story turn out to be technical?
Popular hedge fund economist and manager Mark Doe recently tweeted about Bitcoin’s stock price, explaining that “really strong” assets did not recover immediately after the end of October movements. Its high prices of $ 10,000 can confirm the story of the exotic balloon.


Host your next conference in Phoenix, Arizona


Do you need to prepare for training events next year? This means it is time to start looking for the venue of the company’s annual conference. There are many factors involved in this decision. Here are some things to consider about choosing Phoenix, Arizona to hold your annual conference.
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Phoenix has a major airport. Sky Harbor is one of the busiest airports in the United States, hosting major airline hubs such as American Airlines and Southwest. However, this huge airport has been rated as one of the most friendly places anywhere and boasts a large team of volunteers who are able and willing to help travelers. Conference guests will find them in purple jackets at all stations. This clean airport is easily accessible from anywhere in the Greater Phoenix / Scottsdale area and should be a big factor in choosing the location of your next meeting.
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Another factor is the wonderful weather. Some winter storms or complications delay air travel or car travel. How often have you worried about the impact of weather on your travel at the conference? Come to Arizona and relax. Instead of being limited to certain months to hold your event as in other major cities, you can even hold a large conference in mid-December if you wish.
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Transportation is easy in Phoenix, Arizona. Many hotels will transfer guests from the airport for free. Additionally, there are many good options for affordable road transport in the suburbs of Phoenix if you are holding your event in one of those cities. These transportation problems give you peace of mind for the safety of conference guests.
Once they arrive at the hotel, they will have a lot of things to do. Many conference guests will come early or spend an extra day on day trips to sites such as the Grand Canyon, Sedona Art City or the comfortable historic Tucson area.
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They can also make an appointment to visit the historic Hoover Dam and the newly overrun Hoover Dam Bridge, which in itself is a magnificent building piece. If your team has golfers as members, there are dozens of excellent courses that will challenge their golfing skills.
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Arizona is a hospitality state, too. You can easily create a list of hotels that will give you a discount for the conference. Check with your hotel meeting planner and see if the hotel will offer discounts on area attractions to give guests a break and explore Phoenix.
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There are so many things to do in downtown Phoenix and the surrounding area. Create some creative ideas for your conference and get a theme. Then, see if some local businesses like restaurants and clubs will offer discounts to your guests.

The next conference in Arizona could be the best yet.
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Chandler, Arizona – a great place to live


Interested in buying a home in Chandler, Arizona? Discover many great places to live, work and play in this vibrant city. Chandler is no longer just a dire farm, a shining example of a 21st century city in the southwestern desert.
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While searching for new homes in Chandler, you may still see some pop-up names. Sun Lakes Ocotillo. Morrison Ranch. Fulton Ranch. Chandler is home to many new home communities, due in large part to rapid growth and a booming economy.
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With the completion of the San Tan Highway in 2006, many large employers moved to Chandler, many of whom had already expanded their operations. Intel, Microchip Technology, PayPal, Wells Fargo and Verizon Wireless, to name a few, are some of Chandler’s citizens.
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As the business climate continues to flourish, the cotton fields and grazing lands of South Chandler have taken over shopping malls, hotels, restaurants and many residences.
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Builders such as Fulton Homes, Toll Brothers and Pulte have made their mark on the landscape through spacious modern homes in beautiful communities. Many of the old historical neighborhoods are experiencing a new renaissance as homes are reshaped and modernized.
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Chandler schools consistently meet or exceed national and state rates; multiple charter schools and academies also provide first class education. Chandler-Gilbert Community College offers a wide range of classes, programs, and private institutions such as Western International University and the University of Ottawa with branches in the city as well.
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There is no shortage of things you can do in Chandler. In the square you will find unique shopping, entertainment and entertainment venues. There is always a festival, farmer’s market, art show or other relationship to enjoy at AJ Chandler Park.
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Take a break and enjoy a craft beer or glass of Arizona wine. Visit the Chandler Arts Center and do a national mission. Join Vision Gallery or Uptown Art for more eclectic tastes. The city center is also home to the historic Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Course, Arizona’s first golf course.
Speaking of golf, Chandler is a Links Committee. Courses run a series from executive to championship. You can visit driving fields and golf academies and store the latest equipment at the PGA Superstore store!
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Are you looking for another outdoor fun? Tumbleweed Regional Park has a renovation center, sports and picnic areas, as well as a Chandler’s Playtopia-a playground paradise. The Arizona Railroad Museum is always a favorite as the constantly expanding Arizona Railroad Museum, where you can explore an impressive range of classic rail cars and equipment. Ski park, BMX park, dog gardens, equestrian and water centers; Chandler has it all!
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For indoor and air-conditioned fun, Chandler Fashion Center is a sophisticated regional shopping powerhouse! Enjoy a wide variety of dining options from quick to casual to elegant.
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There are shows, movies, nightlife, shops, many services and special events almost every weekend. Another popular destination is The Ice Den, a favorite for skiers of all ages and a great way to keep uplifting throughout the year.
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This is just a small sample of the great features this amazing city offers. Chandler is consistently recognized for its responsible growth, sustainable and unparalleled quality of life in the valley. That’s just another reason many families choose to make their home in Chandler.
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“Because we are always on top of what will happen, we can see when those funds start going toward the exchanges,” Elliptic co-founder and CEO James Smith told CNBC in a telephone interview. “We were able to let our clients know that these funds were going towards them, and they were able to stop them.”
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The firm on Wednesday said it raised $ 23m in a funding round led by Japan’s SBI Holdings to push for aggressive expansion in Asia. SBI, a financial services business rooted in SoftBank, has made headlines in the past due to partnerships with blockchain companies such as Ripple and R3. Elliptic also accounts for Spanish bank Santander as an investor.
Terrorist financing is just one area of ​​illegal activity that the firm’s platform deals with. Hassle has also been used to track down traffickers of child pornography and drugs, as well as hacking resulting in theft. Elliptic points to another side of the crypto industry, as its technology is seen as more favorable to businesses and financial services regulators.

Smith said the cryptocurrency industry has seen more growth in the past 18 months than in previous years. Bitcoin’s publicity has doubled since the beginning of the year, and Facebook announces plans to launch a virtual asset-backed currency called Libra, in partnership with other tech and finance firms.


See the location around Flagstaff Arizona


The fossilized jungle park, as it seems today, is nothing more than a barren and barren land; however, this rugged land is a living scientific laboratory that reveals that millions of years ago this land flourished with large river systems, prehistoric forests, flora and fauna.
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They are two entrances to the park. The Painted Desert Visitor Center is located at the northern entrance, the Rainbow Forest Museum and the gift shop at the southern entrance. It is located between a 28-mile-long paved landscape highway filled with hills and winding curves, which displays one of the largest fossilized wood deposits in the world.
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Along the highway are pullovers and short drives to areas with scenic walking paths that allow one to get a close-up view. To take a different look at the painted desert, one should drive north from Winslow on Interstate 87 for 14 miles to a view of the desert. The difference in colors is stunning past and well worth a visit.
What can we say about the Grand Canyon? We learned about the valley at school, watched it on National Geography, and watched films produced in and around the valley, and read books about it; however, none of these things came close to actually standing on the edge overlooking the valley. Which part of the edge stands on one of them, and the valley has miles miles away from the edges to stand on it, giving each place a different person to see?
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The best way to see the valley along the southern entrance road is the walking route on the southern rim, which runs from the Hermit Pier to the south of Kaipap and covers only less than thirteen miles, most of which is paved with only slight slopes and provides excellent views of the valley. For someone who wants to venture into the valley, there are four paths to choose from. Hermit Lounge, Kolb Studio, South Kebab and Grandview Trail. All four categories are categorized as extremely difficult, as the Grandview Trail is recommended for experienced desert parks only.

When you leave the Desert Drive Visitor and Travel Center (Interstate 64) for the next 22 miles, one will follow the edge of the valley with withdrawals to view the valley views and four different side roads with observation points. Between Moran Point and Lipan point, be sure to hunt the Tusayan Museum and Ruins on the right side of the road.

Located in Clarkdale, Tuzigoot National Monument is a remnant of the South Sinagua village. The ruin is set on top of a long ridge rising 120 feet above the Green Valley. Two paved walking trails are here to enjoy one. The ring path takes one quarter of a mile to the top of the summit where the monuments are located, while the other path is half a mile in one direction and takes one along the top of the chain overlooking the valley.

The Castle of Montezuma and Montezuma is located near Camp Verde and 11 miles is part of the people of Sinagua that was raised in the Verde Valley. The visitor center for both sites is located on Castle and has a gift shop and a museum with information on both sites. The site of the castle has a quarter-mile passage through the beautiful Sycamore grove along the spring feeding schedule. Along the way, one will see the ruins of a cliff house and a five-story castle dug deep into the wall of the slope 100 feet above the valley floor. The site of the well contains a quarter-mile paved ring that takes one to the edge of the well, where 1.6 million gallons of water flow through two openings at the bottom each day. On one side of the ledge sits the abyss residences of the great Pueblo ruins. The shaded forest along the corridor near the rubble of salt is a continuous discharge of 74 degrees of water traversing 150 feet of limestone from the well.

Interstate 545 is located off Interstate 89, 35 miles away by a scenic drive, one of which leads through the Sunset Crater National Park at the southern end and Wobatake National Park at the north end. During this journey, one travels through the hills in the Coconino National Forest to the arid open valleys.

The Crater Rock National Park retains two ponds and with 6.5-mile walking trails, one can see remnants of what happened hundreds of years ago when these volcanoes exploded. The A’s trail extends to the right, where rough lumps of basaltic lava are formed. Lenox Crater rises 200 feet across the forest to the crater, where one can see views of the O Leary Peak and San Francisco peaks. The Bonito Pass leads to a view of a river where a river of lava rock is trapped between two pools. The Lava Flow ring travels around the base of the Sunset Crater where unusual forms and lava forms can be seen and a scattered cone view, along the trail, where one can see where new plants appear each year.

The Wukoki National Monument displays six historic pueblos that can be seen by 2.4 miles of hiking trails. The 800-year-old Wukoki ruins are one of the most impressive and visible from the miles and seem to look like an ancient castle sweeping through the sky. Wupatki Hotel Pueblo is located directly behind the Visitor Center, the largest garden with 100 rooms. The half-mile ring takes one of the main configurations with a ball pitch outside and into the nostril, which is a great geological feature. Pueblo Castle was built on top of Mesa and covers every inch of available space. From the top of Mesa, one can see across the valley for several miles to the mountain ranges. The Lomaki trail will drive one between the ruins of the square valley and end at the Lomaki ruins. These ruins overlook a pair of small canyons.

Walnut Canyon National Park has two walking trails that give one an opportunity to look back at how these people adapted to the land. The one-mile to 185-foot Island Trail descends into the 400-foot-deep valley, wrapping a loop path around an island in the middle of the valley. Along the annular corridor, one can experience 25 room cliff cliffs carved in a sandstone trick, with views of other dwellings spread along the cliff walls across the valley. The 7-mile canyon tour route runs through the Juniper and Pignon mixed forests where two of the canyon offer stunning views of the valley below and cliff dwellings. Set back from the partially restored pit house edge and Pueblo.

Located on Highway 89A, Oak Oak Canyon Scenic Byway is 28 miles from the road from South Flagstaff to Sedona. The early stretch of the highway from Flagstaff stretches through the hills through the Ponderosa Pine Forest where elk herds cross the highway frequently. The 14-mile route from Mogul Reem runs across the Oak Creek valley to Sedona, with its 4,500-foot height change, a stunning stretch of beauty that Rand McNally has rated as one of America’s top 5 stunning engines.

At the top of the summit is a view of Oak Creek Vista, which allows one to see parts of the winding road along the cliff walls, as well as the beauty of the canon with towering slopes on both sides. At first one will sneak down the valley around the curved connections and hairpin curves that embrace the valley walls, with perfect colors of yellow and gold.

As one descends, the steep winding road turns into a gentle retreat along the Oak Creek valley that opens to the foliage of oak trees interspersed with evergreen pine trees. Thanks to the clear Oak Oak that flows throughout the year, it allows lush greenery throughout the spring and summer. Throughout the valley bottom, the creek and highway run parallel to each other where the creek is at the same level down a hundred feet.

A few miles from the valley, one notices that the walls of the slope change from yellow and gold to rocks and cliffs with a red face, where the slopes embrace the road from one side and the forest on the other. Throughout the valley, one will see the show moving from very narrow to hundreds of feet as the valley floor is littered down the highway with cottages, housing and small camps.

Red Rock Scenic loop is 10 miles south of Sedona. However, it can be a waste of time. Upon entering from the bottom, you will see the valley on one side and the hills of Ponderosa Pines on the other side. After about three miles orbiting a curve, the red-faced slopes appear. For the next seven miles, one travels through a hairpin and a roundabout highway across a cliff side with stunning views of Cathedral Rock, Courthouse Butte and Bell Rock. If time permits, stop at the Crescent Moon picnic area in the clear Oak Creek and Red Rock State Park.

Oatman is a small town off the beaten path, but well worth the time and effort to see. Upon entering Oatman from the east, take historic road 66 off I-40 just west of Kingman. During the first twelve miles, the road passes through a flat barren land with several old houses along the way. The road itself is fairly beautiful with all the small borders in it, like a roller coaster for young children. At Cool Spring Station, the historic building, now a museum and gift shop with old mobile gas pumps in the foreground, deserves to spend a few minutes at. At this point, the road begins to climb through the Black Mountains along one of America’s dangerous roads.

Over the next 10 miles, the narrow two-lane highway will fit along steep curved walls and back crushers with a very limited number of protection bars to protect one from driving on the road and falling into the ramp. Unfortunately, if one looks close enough, there are cars sitting on the walls of the slope that retreated. At an altitude of 3,550 feet passing through the Sitgreaves Pass, the road begins to reach Oatman, a former mining town, now a living ghost town, with a height of 2,710 feet.

When you go to town, one will see why so many people come here, take away modern cars parked on the fronts of shops, and you will feel like they are back 100 years later. Most storefronts in the early 19th century show access to wooden walking routes on both sides of the streets, just like the old Western days. Historic buildings along the main street, once home to beauty salons, banks and hotels, are now museums, gift shops and restaurants. Since the main street is the only street in town, visitors and wild donkeys roam freely along the highway, slowing cars passing through the crawl. As the afternoon approaches, be prepared to watch the re-enactment of a bank robbery ending in an armed battle between two costumed fighters, Billy The Kid was not suitable for these senders.

The historic Jerome Historical Park has been a magnificent site since 1916 when James Douglas built the house on a hill above the Little Daisy Mine. The house is now a museum dedicated to the city of Jerome and the Douglas family. The museum displays minerals, mining equipment, and artifacts from the copper mining boom throughout Jerome. To get here, one travels down the historic 89A road on a cliff side along a steep winding road to the city of Jerome founded in 1876, with stunning views of the Verdi Valley. At the height of Jerome 15,000 people live here, now just over 400 people reside in this historic city. Today art galleries and small wineries are spread in the downtown area.

Red Rock State Park, just south of Sedona along the scenic Red Rock Ring, is a 286-acre nature reserve with stunning views of red rock formations. The five-mile family-oriented hiking trail is a network of rings intertwined with the red rock vistas or lush greenery of Oak Creek, though the Eagle’s Nest ring is the highest with a height of 300 feet. Wildlife in the gardens consists of mule, deer, gambling, bobcat and many bird species.


5 reasons to buy tax lien certificates in Maricopa County, Arizona


Many people buy tax lien certificates at local county auctions. More than half of the states offer these properties at the annual county tax sale. Some places are much better to buy tax lien certificates because of better prices or services, or more real estate. Here are five good reasons you should consider buying property in Maricopa County, Arizona.

1. Great interest rate

Arizona tax certificates in Maricopa County can pay you an interest of up to 16% on your initial investment. This is 35% more than you can earn on a similar investment in South Carolina.

2. On counter sales

Nearly 20% of all properties for sale in the February auction are still unsold. The remaining properties are provided in the district offices immediately upon completion of the annual sale. You can check these properties at any time and purchase without competitive bidding, ie "over-the-counter". There are many wonderful properties left to buy, and due to lack of competition, any purchased certificate will bear the maximum allowed by law, which currently stands at 16%.

3. Anyone can buy tax liens in Maricopa County

Yes anyone in fact, nearly 20% of tax liens are sold to investors living outside the United States.

4. You do not need to travel to Maricopa County to buy Lien Real Estate

With modern technology, it is now possible to do all your research by computer. You can get satellite images of the property, study the deeds online, and view the tax card on your computer. Maricopa County will allow you to send a check or purchase electronically online or by phone when you contact the Maricopa County Office.

5. Real estate listings of all available tax delinquent properties available months before the sale

Maricopa County provides a list of all overdue tax characteristics on 20,000 on a tablet, for about $ 40. This list is available near the first of November for the February auction, so you can start to take due diligence months before the auction, or at your leisure if you buy on the counter properties.

As you can see, there are many advantages to buying a tax property in Maricopa County, Arizona. You are unlikely to find another place to buy tax lien certificates online, by mail, through live auctions, and available for sale to people living outside the United States. When you add the fact that you can get a list of properties available for sale before the auction and earn 16% of this investment, you'll discover that Maricopa County is the best place to buy tax lien certificates.


Arizona High Altitude Fishing Tips


Fishing has become a very popular recreational sport in the USA. Arizona is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts because of the large number of different lakes characteristic in this region. Here are some tips for high-altitude fishing in Arizona. The most important thing when indulging in highland fishing is choosing the right place for fishing. If you want to catch brown or rainbow trout, it is best to choose cool mountain streams. Generally, fish are caught in all seasons; but summer is the best bet because in winter water tends to freeze in high lakes and fish tends to deep into lakes. They usually return to the top only when mercury levels rise again.

Always remember to get a fishing permit from the Arizona authorities before embarking on a fishing trip. Since there are many high currents in Arizona, one should choose a suitable fishing location based on budget, interest and season. It must be borne in mind that fishing in high lakes is more difficult than in normal lakes due to extreme weather conditions and glacial mountainous terrain. Ideally, one should wear appropriate clothes and carry the right equipment. Specially-made fishing gear, such as rails, hooks and line, for highland fishing is a prerequisite when going to mountain lakes for fishing. Equipment should be inspected well in advance. Always remember to keep pumping the penis and lubricating the roller.

Also, keep in mind to take lighting devices such as a torch that may be useful in an emergency. The hunter must carry other useful items such as rubber boots and sun cream. One should always have a good understanding of one's health when going fishing at high altitude. If you are likely to have health problems at high altitudes, feel free to cancel the hunting adventure. Also, one must stay away from high peaks due to obvious risk factors. It is always best to be aware of the weather conditions in this place because changes in weather can be just a nuisance while hunting. Fishing is in a better position when it is closer to the slopes.

Patience, a great virtue on many occasions in life, is a much needed ally in highland fishing as well. One should also understand that the towering lakes in Arizona and elsewhere are usually crystal clear. This means you can see the fish, and most importantly, you can see the fish as well. So you should not make any noise even while walking, so as not to scare the fish.


Arizona Real Estate


Arizona real estate has come under severe pressure due to the continued decline in property trends and this trend occurred in early 2005, since prices have never risen. Due to various predictions, the value of the drug has never been formed, it has decreased with a real pattern. Although all real estate analysts are very hopeful to recover this year, it seems like a real dream, as the worldwide property market has suffered a real setback and prices are low all the time. Under the influence of the downtrend, it is expected that due to the sharp downtrend at the beginning of 2008, a similar or larger trend will be observed in 2007.

A very serious series of steps are needed to keep going respectable and reasonable for Arizona real estate. These steps may be the result of local and international initiatives to help this important sector and its beneficiary gain breathing space from the ongoing tight situation, where all buying and selling trends are changing, chaos and an uncertainty scenario dominate the minds of all real estate decision makers.

There are some very favorable steps that global central banks must take in response to declining real estate trends. One such volatility is that global central banks and other large financial institutions can make a real difference by paying serious attention to this problem by offering some reductions or flexibility in terms of profit rates and other margins in their investment loans. It is suggested that if these large institutions reduce mortgage rates by 4% for 30 years, they could serve as a last resort to rescue the sunken real estate industry and Arizona real estate would also benefit from any such intervention.

There are some other suggestions for saving real estate in Arizona by thought centers and some loyal people in the field. They want the federal government to intervene in this particular scenario. They suggested that the government buy the property from the investor at low prices and then pass it himself at the selling price to the original owner. A very serious rescue campaign is needed to restore the potential in Arizona real estate.


Top 5 Places to Find Apartments in Arizona


If you're considering moving to Arizona, you don't have to worry about finding a decent and comfortable place to live. There are many apartments in Arizona. All you have to do is lower the options so you can easily select the right one.

Here are the top five cities you should consider:

1. Phoenix: Considered the largest city. For this reason, it also carries the largest number of apartments available in Arizona. There are about 1.5 million people living in this busy place and the real estate business is focused on creating more apartments. What you need to keep in mind is that the rent here may be higher compared to other places. The average rent costs about $ 850. The good side is that when you live here, you will be able to enjoy the urban lifestyle.

2. Mesa: When it comes to apartments in Arizona, Mesa is among the leading options because of the impressive education system they apply in public schools. Many families prefer to stay here because children can go to a good school. The rent is a little cheaper than Phoenix and not overpopulated.

3. Flagstaff: This is a smaller city than Phoenix and Mesa but the average rent here is slightly higher. You may need to spend about $ 950 a month, but it's quite worth it. The place is surrounded by beautiful scenery and the best climate.

4. Tempe: If you are a person who likes to enjoy the outdoors, Tempe is the place to start looking for an apartment. This place is still warm all year round, and there are plenty of outdoor activities you can enjoy here. If you want to avoid frequent weather changes, this is where you should start your search.

5. Chandler: This place is close to Phoenix. If you work there, you can consider living in Chandler to get away from the hustle of Phoenix when the day ends. The average rent can be very expensive at $ 1,000 per month, but since it is a nice and quiet place, the expenses are worth it.

If you're new to this situation, it's best to start searching one of the best places. This way, you can easily find the right apartments in Arizona.


Crazy ladies – a woman sent to Arizona asylum for crazy reasons mysteriously


Arizona was the promised land for youth, ambition, outlaw, moderate, opportunist, and reckless. They arrived by trusty steed, stalks, or horse and buggy to carve a future in the hostile desert. Man vista was infinite.

Women, however, were pawns in the game of danger. Their jobs were limited to serving men who wanted cooked meals, clean rooms, washed clothes, and entertainment that hungry males longed for. A teacher or nurse sometimes spilled into the province, but the majority of women were inundated in two camps: respected children and all others.

Regardless of the social situation, these pioneering women were second-class citizens, unable to vote and protect themselves against evil in the hearts of men. The wise woman conducted herself with the decor. If she was married, she willingly took care of her home, obliged her family's needs, and acted modestly. Until 1886, depression, distress, distress, and religious fanaticism were tolerated.

But the opening of the regional asylum of insanity in Phoenix offered a demonic alternative. Freedom from financial or emotional responsibility for the annoying female was just a petition. Will, then, for women who have toured the water either by design or action.

I learned about the horrific treatment of women in the Arizona state of Arizona by examining the commitment requests that are present today at the Arizona State Archives and Records Office at the Capitol. It documents the incarceration of women who are treated with depression and the various stages of unbalance today through outpatient treatment and prescriptions.

Compliance petitions were easily submitted by any relative, friend, provincial official or an ordinary acquaintance. Within a day, the matter can be arrested and examined by court-appointed doctors, and handed over to the asylum belly by a chief judge. Records reveal that women whose behavior has been affected by pregnancy, menstruation, or menopause have been abused by family and doctors who have a medieval understanding of normal female body functions.

Maria de la Bush, 22, was sentenced to death by her husband Arthur. Doctors approved. They committed on September 8, 1909 because of depression of pregnancy and "lack of interest in things at home." In a previous similar case, Joseph Dobson sent his wife Mabel, 38, on September 6, 1904, with the support of doctors. Assess that the cause of her depression and her sagging speech are caused by childbirth. According to a marginal notation, she muttered throughout her examination that she would "go to hell."

and I did. Some women who were sent to asylum for short periods, while others survived months, even years, in poor cells, their final graves. Regardless of the length of their incarceration, they all endured harsh treatment by non-sympathetic attendees, a persistent tone of complaint and a screaming hole from their fellow prisoners.

Many women committed to depression in middle age owe their grief to external causes, not physical change. Two months after moving to Phoenix from New Mexico, Julie Barefoot, 41, committed on June 28, 1911. Her husband, Malcolm, interpreted the signs of home nostalgia she showed as "losing her mind."

Sweden-born Anna Anderson Brown, 39, had lived in Arizona for four years when her husband, Jackson C., lost. Brown, her patience for her sad behavior. Doctors confirmed that she "cried and talked about her desire to go away to see her sister," but they committed it on 25 November 1910 without addressing the homesickness and anxiety for remote family members who hastened her depression.

Nostalgia in Colorado caused the fall of Betty Ann Hickman, 37, whose husband reported "mental attacks" and "irrational behavior" three months before she asked for her commitment on June 29, 1903. Although doctors noticed nothing but Normal during their examination. My husband left the courtroom free of wife moans and cry.

Ugly women did not perform better than their sad sisters. Minnie Zion, 31, went to her torment on December 21, 1908, just in time for her husband, PL Zion, to celebrate Christmas and New Year in wearing style, devoid of her "constant talk." Similarly, Minnie J. Blunt, 47, spoke on his way to the asylum. Her husband, V.V. Blunt, of that "Mini talks are ongoing … very tense and do not sleep well." The reason, he said, was "mental anxiety". Instead of treating its source, doctors ordered it on December 13, 1909. Just one month later, on January 13, 1910, JA Kitcherside, the medical supervisor of the regional asylum, signed a death certificate from Mini. He cited the reason as "heart failure." Have you been strangled to death while being held by midwives and gaskets? These abuse stories flourish.

Annie Ellis, 35, worked as a laundry to help pay for the family home and much more. Despite her financial contribution to the family, her husband complained that she "doesn't take care of the house or the child and doesn't worry at all hours of the night." Although doctors noticed that she "seemed rational," she was committed on March 22, 1909. A memo in her file dated May 5, 1909 states: "… a patient at the Arizona State Hospital expired while waiting for parole"

He was angry that his wife Clara, 32, was depressed during her menstrual periods, and EA Strong asked the court to commit her, noting that she was not dangerous, but sometimes she went without eating or sleeping. The big girl "… sometimes very severe and without reason." Clara entered the asylum on December 23, 1902, confirming to her husband a worry-free vacation. On April 3, 1903, W.D. Ward, the provincial medical superintendent of asylum madness, has a death note stating that Clara died in asylum on 2 April 1903 due to "exhaustion from acute obsession".

Lizzie Bowen, 40, whose husband Robert has complained of her grief and "bouts of violence," told doctors of the examination that she believed she was poisoned. Doctors noticed her to be calm and healthy without any signs of violence reported by her husband, but instead of investigating her assertion that he was trying to kill her, they ordered her to commit it on 15 March 1906.

Ida Tompkins, 45, was tense and dormant from the symptoms of menopause. George, her husband, cited "breastfeeding and debility" as further evidence of madness. The judge noted that George had “paid for her expenses”, which he had committed on May 11, 1905. George Tompkins and other men had little difficulty persuading doctors and judges to deport disturbing women. For example, H. H. Wupperman committed that his 17-year-old daughter Gracie was suffering from "nervous prostration," a mysterious disease often attributed in court documents to unmanageable women. The doctors wrote: "She constantly talks, and believes that her father loses his mind and needs care." Would Gracie be a sensible family member? Regardless, her father willingly paid for asylum expenses. It was committed on July 18, 1904.

Maeda F. traveled. Nelson, 19, came to Arizona in early 1908 to live with her married sister. Five weeks later, Elia, her brother-in-law, carries enough of Maeda's party to petition the court for her commitment. He said: "It is very absent, and can not continue a long conversation, and sometimes refuses to eat, and will roam and get lost if not seen." He attributed these qualities to the cessation of menstruation, a shock he blamed on her father, who considered him "a strange man, studying and

Think abnormally about religious subjects. "The doctors who examined found that MEDA was calm and regular, but cited her memory gradually deteriorating as a reason to commit it.

Medical examiners associated with typical behaviors for pregnant women and menstruating women who have gone crazy have mistakenly screened people with real physical ailments. Sadie Vaughn, 33, was arrested by special prosecutor Ike Ford after a "nervous prostration" attack. In his petition, Ford wrote, "(Sadie) has no mind of her own, speaks irrationally, and is subject to bouts of total collapse." Sadie was committed on February 4, 1905 by court doctors who noticed her as "… extremely dirty, noisy … and with epilepsy."

Like Sadie, Ola Mai Farley, 18, had epilepsy. Her father, John Farley, stated that she had threatened to kill herself and others, had an uncontrollable mood, and had seizures. The examiners found her in good physical condition, clean and quiet, but they committed it on 3 December 1906, citing her "not being able to remember things."

Dolores Latosmado, 29, a Mexican woman, appeared in court at the request of MP Sharif Oscar Roberts, who was arrested for "having epilepsy, not feeling well, will not care for her children, and will not sleep." Doctors note that she “doesn't answer questions cleverly.” Can language be a barrier? They committed on February 1, 1904 because of "monthly epileptic seizures," her tendency to become "hysterical when mentioning a husband or children", and constant crying.

Cordelia Ivy, 23, committed in early 1903 after her father complained that she had wandered away from the house and talked irrationally for fifteen years. The court doctor noted, "Cordelia seems to be deaf … He doesn't seem to understand everything she is told" and "has bouts of mood." Like other women with epilepsy or deafness, Cordelia is likely to spend the rest of her days in custody.

While most unwanted women were sent to regional asylum by husbands and fathers, some had friends interfering with their arrest. Maggie Black, 36, made a mistake in clinging to William Duensey as she suspected her husband had misunderstandings while away from home working in Mammoth Maine in Pima County. In his petition, Dohency declared that Maggie "speaks occasionally intermittently" and "is unable to take care of herself and her children while her husband works outside the city". Doctors noticed that Maggie "tingle muscles, wanting to coordinate," and talked about expecting "to burn her farm and kill her children because her husband is wrong." In conclusion, "in our opinion this is temporary", they committed it on 26 April 1906, giving her husband an additional reason for rape.

Charles E. Hazleton sought the commitment of his friend, Louise Miller, 33, on the basis of "her disconnected speech, nerves, bad sleep habits, and fear of her absolute husband." In the presence of the court doctors, Louise was "tense and praying, walking around combing her hair, drinking large amounts of water, and talking about the things I saw." On December 16, 1909, her ex-husband stopped his basic fear.

Many women became familiar with asylum based on revolving door. Carrie List, 50, was the subject of two separate obligations, the first on 3 February 1904 when her son, John List, told her in court that she had taken the poison and threatened to kill her husband. He attributed her behavior to "irritation in home life". Doctors noticed about her "wonderful appearance," and then sent her to the asylum. Its launch the following year was short-lived. On November 18, 1905, a girlfriend, c. Holly, petitioning for her commitment. He said, "It is exciting and talking madly," expressing surprise that she "left the house and refuses to return," and threatens to "throw her mother-in-law out of the house using force, if necessary." Doctors, who agreed that Carey was "wrong and too talkative," punished her for acting in front of a pregnant husband, children who were not grateful, and a malevolent wife.

These victims of ignorance were mere lips in the early history of Arizona, the promised land, which lawmakers implicitly overlooked the disturbing behavior of women in the insane asylum. Arizona today ranks second nationally in the murders of women linked to domestic violence by men.

Who is crazy now?


Find golf retirement in Arizona


If you like golf, you already know that golfing several times a week in expensive tournaments can take up a lot of your budget, especially if both of you are passionate about golf. Seniors who are looking for affordable golf retirement will find that Arizona is a gold mine. With over 30 golf retirement communities to choose from in the Phoenix area alone, you will have plenty of options if you want to live in a golf retirement community. The other option is to live in a community that is not directly linked to golf, and take advantage of more than 200 courses in the Phoenix area with discounts and passes, as do locals.

Let's face it, summer golf in Arizona is cheap for a reason! Most seniors and tourists skip the city during the hottest months from June to August, so the courses are deserted, and prices are cheap. If you will retire here, you are likely to look for winter rates, which may be expensive, but you can find ways to save. Locals buy annual passes, such as a $ 175 Southwest PGA card, which gives you discounts of up to 50% on many courses in the area. Another way to save is some online booking engines like Golfnow.com or GolfHub.com, which offer discounted times, especially for last minute bookings. With the Southwest Passage and / or online booking, you can find green fees for $ 30 to $ 45 during the winter.

Most active adult communities in Arizona have a golf course. There are a few special, but most offer a general pay per game to keep golf within reach of the population. Sun Golf and Sun City West are known for their cheap golf. These are more than “communities”, they are real cities. Sun City offers 8 courses (three executive and five organizational courses), while Sun City West offers seven courses (three executive and 4 organizational courses) with "winter" rates for residents as low as $ 25 per round. Sun City and Sun City West are older communities, so if you want a new home, you'll have to look for one of the other Sun City communities that are currently being built.

Golf in Sun's newest cities, is more expensive. These public tournaments are currently run by Troon Golf, and fees are higher. Sun City Festival Ranch, Copper Canyon, charges $ 45 for residents for "winter rates," while Sun City Anthem in Merrill Ranch's Poston Butte course for residents is $ 50. However, keep in mind that during the winter, high-end tournaments in Scottsdale and Phoenix can charge $ 150 to $ 250 per round, so rates between $ 45 and $ 50 are still good to play at great prices, but will double your golf budget When compared to some already built old societies.

If you are considering retirement for golf, be sure to review the rates of the areas you are considering. If your goal is to retire affordable golf, you'll find Arizona has a lot to offer. When checking prices, be sure to compare apples with apples and always look for the "winter" price to get a real comparison, nothing is worse than falling in love with an area or house, just to find that you can't afford golf there several times a week.


STATISTICS Bankruptcy of Arizona


Each state has been hit hard by financial difficulties over the past few years. The US is in recession, the labor market has been terrible, and the housing / mortgage crisis has affected millions. Like other states, Arizona has also seen its share of financial difficulties. In fact, Arizona has been hit a little more than many other countries when it comes to financial issues.

In 2007, Arizona residents were fine, in relation to the rest of the country. The country ranked 40th in bankruptcy proceedings. When you consider the fact that their country has already entered into some serious financial difficulties at this point, being 40 out of 50 states was not a bad place.

Flash forward three years until 2010. Arizona ranks 13th in US bankruptcy files. This is a huge leap, and it reflects some of the serious unemployment, mortgage and public finance problems of the Arizona people. Jumping from 40th to 13th is a tangible indicator of how bad financial conditions are for Arizona citizens.

Although things seem to be improving for the national economy, the effects of this rise may take some time to reach Arizona, or any individual state. In the first quarter of 2010, there was no noticeable decrease in the number of bankruptcies filed in Arizona. In total, more than 9,000 bankruptcies were filed during this time. This is still a large amount of files, so it seems that the recovery may be really slow.

18% of Arizona bankruptcy applications for the first quarter of 2010, 18% were for bankruptcy of chapter 13, and 82% were for bankruptcy of chapter 7.

The latest trends on Wall Street show that the economy will start to improve further in the near future, but again, not everyone will immediately feel these improvements. Arizona's financial professionals are still optimistic, although the state's bankruptcy files will begin to fall over the next calendar year.


Arizona Auto Insurance Quote – How To Get It Cheap


If you're looking for the cheapest Arizona car insurance rates that won't put you at risk, there are some things that will make the whole world different. Will work well to jot down the following and make sure it is implemented. Once you do this, you'll get cheap auto insurance rates for Arizona that are also very affordable.

1) Make sure you choose a car equipped with safety features. Let your insurance company know if you have such a place. Because it will make you and your car safer, it is considered a better risk by insurance companies. These will earn you discounts.

2) If you intend to get a quote for cheap car insurance in Arizona, choose an external plan only. This is the least required by law in most places. As the name implies, any damage to your vehicle will not attract any compensation. It only covers the vehicle of the other individual. You will have to repair your car yourself. It is the best choice for those who have old cars.

For example, if you get a comprehensive plan for an old car, your insurance company will only pay for your car at the time of the accident. Except for your classic car, what you get won't be worth the premium you paid – Morriso when you deal with that you still have to pay your opponent. The exception to this is if you own a classic. The insurance policy is not worth the pain if it does not win you in the long run.

3) Reduce the amount of time you spend behind the wheels as much as you can. The more kilometers, the more difficult it is to get cheap Arizona car insurance quotes.

4) Insurance companies have unique driving lessons designed to improve your leadership. Get training in defensive driving. Above making you a better driver, you will get Arizona car insurance more affordable.

5) Make sure you keep an excellent credit record. People who participate in retail will quickly agree on the logic behind this position …

There are not many things that reveal someone more than the way they handle their bills. Because you pay your bills on time, a good number of insurers will assume that you are a cautious person, and as a result, there is less risk. This is another way to get the best auto insurance rate in Arizona.

6) Select the discounts raised. High deductible leads to lower insurance rates on your car. Just note that when you file a claim, the insurance company will wait for you to make that amount of money before they can set good policy terms.

7) Visiting shopping sites on shopping comparison insurance sites will provide you with hundreds or thousands of auto insurance in Arizona. You will make savings if you go to only one location. But keep this in mind, you'll get better results by visiting at least three. This is because you have a broader basis to make more comprehensive comparisons and thus increase your chances of getting the most affordable auto insurance rates, Arizona.