Thinking of retirement to Arizona?

When moving to an unfamiliar community, such as Cave Creek or Carefree, Arizona, it's important to deal with Cave Creek Realtor who will have intimate knowledge of the amenities and nuances of the neighborhood. Cave Creek, Arizona is an ancient cowboy town that, while maintaining its roots, also serves a growing group of equestrian residents who enjoy equestrian hiking and golf opportunities offered by Cave Creek. Cave Creek offers homes ranging from simple seasonal cottages to luxurious luxury complexes. Cave Creek real estate manages a series of desert landscapes, excellent mountain passes, hillside properties, golf club properties and magnificent wildlife farms that border state land.

Carefree is another sophisticated community bordering Cave Creek, AZ, which also boasts a thriving community with upscale shopping, dining, and an enviable state of artists community, minutes from Scottsdale.

Carrefree Estates and Cave Creek are a magnet for car enthusiasts from all over the country. Arizona offers spectacular scenic motors on uncrowded roads that appeal to both car and motorcycle enthusiasts alike. Many recreational vehicles and many luxury homes include Cave Creek and Carefree facilities to accommodate them. Large garages are often included in these Sonoran desert hideouts to house family games and legacy.

Many people were surprised to learn that the great state of Arizona is home to the highest number of boats per capita in the USA. Yes, even in the middle of the Arizona desert, waterfront real estate is a possibility for marine lovers.

Of course, real estate professionals in Cave Creek will be familiar with all this information and that's why when choosing an agent for this long awaited move to Arizona, you should choose someone who lives in the community you think about.

Finally, your home at Cave Creek will be an excellent central base from which to discover the rest of Arizona, whether it's the theater area in downtown Phoenix until the road to the Grand Canyon.

Come to the home of Cave Creek or Carefree Arizona, you know it makes sense.

Prescott, Arizona – Discover Southwestern Paradise

Thanks to the feelings of its interconnected community and the abundance of shopping, dining, entertainment, entertainment, education and jobs, Prescott, Arizona boasts a small town atmosphere with great amenities in the city, and Prescott strives to make life for its residents short of Southwestern Paradise!

Prescott, AZ offers education close to home

In addition to 20 government primary, middle and secondary schools in Prescott, school-age children are close to a variety of private and rented schools. Older students and adults who wish to continue their education are close to Prescott College, as well as the campus of Yavapai College, University of Northern Arizona, Old Dominion University and Embry Riddle Aviation University.

Prescott's Department of Parks and Recreation serves all residents

From the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council to the Supreme Olympic Games, there's something for everyone in Prescott, AZ! The city's parks and cities department has a hand in making sure that all Prescott residents have a variety of special events and programs that they can participate in, as well as an abundance of parks, lakes, walkways and open spaces can be enjoyed.

Browse custom homes for sale in Prescott, AZ

A rich and fascinating history surrounds Prescott, Arizona, but new home locations with custom home designs are readily available to current and potential home buyers. These cottage communities, such as Enchanted Canyon in Thumb Butte, offer beautifully designed homes along with stunning views of the hills and desert, unrivaled proximity to Prescott and Arizona's best shopping, dining and entertainment.

Arizona Pre – Foreclosures and Foreclosures Short Sales

There is a high inventory of homes on the market in Phoenix, Arizona. Now may be a good time to buy, not this time to sell. Sellers and builders offer great incentives to buyers. It has become a little more difficult to get a home loan because of the high mortgage rate. Lenders have been tightening their standards because of the high rate of foreclosure. This article discusses foreclosures, foreclosures, and short sales. At any time while reading this article, feel free to click on the website associated with this article to get in touch with a professional realtor in Arizona to help you meet all your needs in Arizona real estate.

Ever people make their mortgage payments they are most affected when the house goes into foreclosure. When a homeowner is in foreclosure, it means that the homeowner has stopped making payments for his home. When this happens, the bank is forced to foreclose in the house and re-claim the house. Once you re-claim the house they want to get rid of. To get rid of the house, the bank must sell the house at the fair market value of the house to have any opportunity to sell. If the fair market value is less than the amount owed by the home, the bank will bear a loss because they have lent the homeowner more money than the home currently deserves. If the homeowner has absolutely no ownership rights, the homeowner may not have to foreclose because he could refinance the home to pay the mortgage.

The lists are distributed to brokers who are in pre-foreclosure, which means that the people on these lists are late in paying their housing dues and have the possibility of foreclosure. This is a sensitive topic for people who pay their house late. There are several reasons for someone to stop paying their home payments. Normally, people who stop making payments at home do not do so by choice, but out of necessity. However, someone may be assisted by an investor or a home buyer buying a home in foreclosure before. If you can't buy the house anymore, someone might buy the house for you so you don't have to make payments anymore.

If the homeowner who entered the mortgage owes $ 300,000 to a house, and other similar houses in the area are now sold for $ 230,000, the bank will bear a loss. This is the time to get a home at a fair market price, or maybe less. When the bank forecloses the house, they own the house at this point. The bank acts as a seller, and the buyer and buyer broker negotiate a price with the bank. If there are no better offers coming from the door, the bank may take your low offer.

When the property is in pre-foreclosure, this time may be beneficial for someone to buy a home. That is, if a property that is in pre-foreclosure has some equity. If homes in the area were sold for three hundred thousand dollars, and the person who is in foreclosure before the debtor was thirty thousand dollars in the house, the good purchase price would be two hundred and thirty thousand dollars, or maybe two hundred and forty thousand. If a similar land plan was sold in the region for $ 300,000, it would be a great buy because you just got some equity. Sometimes the broker will represent the bank and act on behalf of the banks and negotiate the existing price of the house. The bank asks the broker to sell this house at fair market value. In this way, the bank can continue banking, the realtor can try to sell the property, and the home owner can get out of his mortgage once the house is sold. This is the winning position of the buyer, bank, home owner, and brokers.

However, it is common when the seller owes more than the value of the house, the bank will ask the broker to sell it for sale. When a bank tells the broker in this hypothetical case, the broker will have to price it at a lower price than the surrounding competition in order to sell the house. This is called short sale.

Short selling is beneficial to the buyer, better than nothing to the bank, a desperate act of the seller. This is good for the seller because he will get out of paying his mortgage if the house is sold, but generally has a negative impact on the seller's credit rating. The bank will not negotiate a short sale with the seller unless the seller has not paid his home. This will have a detrimental effect on the seller's credit rating.

This does not guarantee that market conditions may worsen. House values ​​may fall at any time, so this is a risk that the buyer or investor needs to consider. If interest rates fall and the market seems to be heading higher, this could be a big investment. There is no way to predict market conditions, what may rise may fall. None of the information in this article will guarantee any return on your investment. When buying, selling or renting a property in Arizona, it is essential that you are properly represented so you know what you are getting. To communicate with an honest, experienced and proven realtor, please click on the website involved in this article. Arizona welcomes you.

Arizona Kayaking Adventure: Hiking Christopher Creek Box Canyon and Ellison Creek Cascades

If you live here in Arizona, you know that without a good air conditioner and a swimming pool, it's too hot! Despite the high temperatures here in the desert area of ​​the state, you can still go out and enjoy the nature and the outdoors. More than any other state in the United States, Arizona is famous for its many canyons and beautiful valleys, many of which can be reached within a few hours' drive from the Phoenix metropolitan area. If you're ready for a real outdoor adventure, a great summer day trip to one of Arizona's magnificent beaches, then check out Christopher Creek Box Canyon & Ellison Creek Cascades, and discover the Arizona Canyoneering adventure!

Through a local hiking group, I joined the TLC hiking group, led and supervised by Eric Kenneman, I saw that there was a really exciting water tour scheduled, easy to classify as moderate, which seemed very enjoyable. Although I have been hiking and camping in the beautiful Muglun Rim area of ​​Arizona for many years and recently visited Christopher Creek area a few months ago as well, I have never heard of Box Canyon or Ellison Creek Cascades before. But I always enjoy hiking, going outdoors and exploring new places to go in Arizona, so I was excited to register on this day.

I met with Eric Kenneman and the TLC hiking group early on Saturday morning, and by 7:45 am, we left Fort McDowell Casino, heading north on Rt 87, also known as Beeline. Driving on Route 87 to Payson is one of my personal favorites. An absolutely wonderful mountain scenery along the way! We arrived in Besson in about 1.5 hours, then we headed down 260 East and we traveled for 30 minutes and 19 miles to Christopher Creek, and we arrived by 9:30 am. Since there was no official parking for this hike and with the roads being built that day, Eric advised us to stand in the daily use area of ​​Christopher Creek camp. So for a small fee of $ 6, which was strictly applied, and with ample space, we all parked our cars there.

Starting from Christopher Creek Campground, we traveled one mile along the shoulder on the south side of Route 260, where we were right next to the right of the Boy Scout camp, we passed through a fence, collected the group, and then set off to the Canyon Box. The path was not really noticeable at first, but we quickly found our bearings and then took our way through beautiful pine and forest plants and after only short routes, perhaps about a mile, we reached the top of Box Canyon. Wow, what an incredible view looking down the valley. Very Wonderful! After stopping to take some pictures, we followed the path down too hard down the creek below.

As soon as everyone safely reached the water's edge at the top of the creek, Eric soon jumped into the water and began to guide the group down the stream, swimming and running from one waterfall and one swimming pool to another until about 1/4 to 1/3 mile down and reached a 35-foot waterfall Which can only safely try by rappel. With being my first "rowing" experience, I took it at a much slower pace and lost most of the group! After taking the plunge into the first swim hole, I found the water cool, but very refreshing. So one waterfall after another, each one looks bigger than the other, I kept practicing slowly, scrambling, jumping in the pool after another, trying to see if I could reach the group. I had just jumped out of a 10-foot-long waterfall and fell completely into a deep water pond, and then I followed up in a few ways when I began to notice the cold and my feet and hands really numb. That's when I knew I had reached the limit and to the point where I couldn't move forward. Christopher Creek Gorge is a beautiful and popular place for kayaking in Arizona because of its many waterfalls and small pools. However, you should realize that the water temperature is cold, especially if you are at the time, and if you do not have a wet suit, hypothermia is one possibility and one of the risks of blasphemy. But I brought it back safely with the help of a few people along the way who helped me return to the rocks. As soon as I go back, it took only a few minutes to warm under the hot sun at the top of the shelf and I was fine again.

By then Eric returned, with the rest of the group coming one by one behind him. A few minutes after the group was assembled again, we started the return journey and arrived at Christopher Creek Campground and our cars by 12:30 and 12:45 pm. Once everyone returns safely again, it's time to head to the second high water day, Ellison Creek Cascades, northeast of Payson. By 1 pm, we went back to our cars and drove down 260 West to Bison, then stuck on Route 87 North for a few miles until we reached Houston Mesa Campground, then turned right onto Houston Mesa Road, also known as FR 199.

It was a very nice and scenic trip outside the Houston Mesa Road, although some signs are still evident from the devastating Water Wheel fire in 2009. About 8 miles and shortly after crossing the East Verde River, we stopped in a small area stop over Right in Cold Springs Campground. We stopped, we got out of there, we passed through the gate and started walking a short distance, about a mile from the dirt road trail, FR 420, and then we hung up at the bottom of Ellison Creek. The views along the 420 FR of the surrounding Tonto National Forest area were truly spectacular!

Temperatures in August were fairly warm, with very low temperatures, so there were a lot of people already in Ellison Creek, where the swimming hole was very popular during the summer months. When I got down in the creek, I jumped through the rocks and rocks until Erik and the group touched at the swimming hole next to the falls. Everyone on that day had a great time because next to the tree there was a big tree with steps carved like a staircase so you could climb up and jump into the pool below. Wow, that looks like fun!

After spending a few hours in the afternoon relaxing and enjoying the cold water at Ellison Creek, it's time to go home again. We started our hiking trip at around 4pm, which made us walk down the hot dirt road but we feel cool and refreshed now! We went back to our cars and parking by 4:30 pm, then back to Payson, then we went to Phoenix where we went back to Casino Fort McDowell at 6 pm.

All in all, it was truly an extraordinary day and another excellent crane, well planned, organized and guided by Eric Kenneman himself from the TLC Hiking Group and a great summer day trip and outdoor rowing adventure I highly recommend and look forward to doing it again in the near future!

So you think it's spicy? Try 122 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona

Many people look at the recent heat waves and think they are the worst temperatures the US has ever faced. Already 112-115 degrees in central California for about a week in a row is a great heat wave for that particular area with high humidity. In fact, 152 people died in the summer heat wave 2006. The heat wave itself produced hot weather as the high-pressure area moved eastward.

Many people said this was the hottest weather they had experienced. However, we had more dangerous waves in the country before. For example in Arizona, they had a record heat on June 26, 1990 in Phoenix of 122 degrees. Imagine 122 degrees and try to walk around or jog in the park.

So, if you think this is too hot and simply unbearable, and you feel the complaint, well, try 122 degrees in Phoenix, Arizona? I was there and I can tell you it was hotter than hell and not safe to be out for a long time.

Many people say that all this heat is caused by global warming? Well, on that day in Phoenix, I think it's about 3 to 5 degrees Celsius because of all the concrete around us called Urban Heat. However even being at a temperature of 120 degrees plus, you haven't been to hell yet. Consider all this in 2006.

A Guide for Canadians: 4 Essential Elements When Investing in Arizona Real Estate

The real estate industry is governed by local, state and federal laws, and therefore not only varies from state to state, but also from country to country with little difference between each state. Below is a quick reference guide for Canadians (currently buying in Arizona more than any other group) given the Arizona marketplace.

The number of Canadians investing in real estate in Arizona continues to rise. It is extremely important for these investors to understand the basic elements of finding the right property. Although the housing market in Arizona for Canadians is particularly favorable, the process of buying real estate is important to understand as it may differ slightly from the process north of the border. It is now more important than ever, especially since the market is very saturated with the property, to know how to buy to access a lucrative investment property rather than a money pit.

The four main elements to finding the right property in Arizona are:

1. How to get the property

2. Use of property

3. Location

4. Find the right real estate company

These four key elements are not new concepts and have been practiced as long as people buy real estate. The hard part is the ability to combine market knowledge and understand how property acquisition should be used. This article provides a clearer picture of how, where and where to find the right property in Arizona for Canadians taking a step forward and investing outside their home country.

The first key element is to determine which method will be used to obtain the property. Financing or money? With US credit markets tightening recently, Canadians' ability to obtain financing to buy US real estate has limited the number of banks offering the required program. According to the 2010 National Association of Realtors (NAR) report on the International Home Buying Activity Report, 34% of potential international buyers were unable to complete the transaction due to funding problems. Typically, traditional options require large and limited payments for certain types of transactions. There are some unconventional options that allow more lenient guidance; however, the trade-off is higher interest rates.

Although it is difficult to get funding in Arizona for Canadians looking to buy, options are available. Another method most commonly used among Canadian buyers is cash. According to the same report by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 55% of international buyers paid in cash. The majority of Canadian buyers use cash because it provides flexibility since it is difficult to obtain financing. There are advantages and disadvantages to each method; however, it is important to choose the one that best fits the investment goal.

Once you decide on how to get the property, the second element in finding the right property is determining the best use of the property. There are already only two main options; second home or investment. According to a previous report by NAR, 22% of all international buyers buy their property as a holiday home for family and friends compared to 14% using it as an investment. Figures in Arizona specifically, the trend is slightly higher towards the investment side … closer to 20%. The use of the property will determine the type of property to be acquired. Are you looking to use their property as a holiday home or an investment house that revolves around cash flow.

It is very important for Canadians to remember … How the property will be used paves the way for what a Canadian strategy is when it comes to buying because the few programs available to Canadian borrowers may state that the purchase is a second home and not an investment. To a large extent, Canadians who purchase cash withdraw funds from their Canadian shares or their Canadian credits.

Once you determine the use of the drug, the third element is to determine the best location. The reason why the use of the property is so important when looking at the location is that some areas of Arizona cater to the needs of vacation homes and entertainment while others are more useful for real estate investment and may not be the place where the family wants to spend their days. Popular holiday venues are located in resort-like areas, and are usually close to one of many Arizona golf courses. Obviously these tend to sell for more, because the regions are more willing. Some examples of these locations are North Scottsdale or Fountain Hills. If one is looking for investment properties, then the prime locations are low priced homes with high rental demand. These are usually located closer to the city. Examples include Tempe (near Arizona State University) or Northern Phoenix. A real estate broker or a good agent can provide you postal maps that show rents or sales for a particular area based on the postal code alone. The postal code is the same as the north postal code. Canadians who are looking to buy must develop a good working relationship with an agent on the ground in Arizona before buying or even visiting so that no time and money is lost for either party.

The last element is finding the right real estate company. You will need one with experience working with Canadian buyers. Again, the market in Arizona is different. Look at what might happen if the right company is not chosen. Poor representation, lack of market knowledge leads to buying a property in the wrong place, paying large sums for a property, and not specifying the type of property that best meets the needs of buyers of mortgage or tax … The list goes on. But the biggest danger for Canadians is the belief that the Arizona real estate market is similar to what they are used to north of the border. It is not.

So, how can someone unfamiliar with the Arizona market find the right real estate company? There are several ways to locate real estate companies operating in Arizona. One good way is to talk to your local real estate agent in Canada. They may work with a larger agency with branch offices throughout North America or have other buyers who have purchased properties in Arizona. This is a great way to get feedback about Jupiter's personal experiences with these companies. Also make sure that any company you work with is rated well with the Better Business Bureau and the Arizona Association of Realtors (AAR). Solve the assignment. It is much easier to do some work in advance than to deal with a potential problem later.

How to Find the Best Children's Health Insurance in Arizona

Any parent in the state needs to know how to find the best child health insurance in Arizona. Frankly, millions are without medical insurance in the United States. Many of these children. Finding medical benefits should not be just as difficult for children to find coverage for even the youngest adults. Perhaps the best advice for either parent is to become a knowledgeable consumer. To that end, we have provided some basics about the types of child health insurance in Arizona because the really sad thing is that there are many free or low cost options for child medical insurance in Arizona that many adults don't even know about. No child should be forced out of adequate health care so keep reading to see some options you may want to consider for your child.

KidsCare Arizona Health Insurance

KidsCare offers AZ health insurance for children under 18 years of age. Registration requirements in KidsCare are simple.

You must be a resident of Arizona 18 or younger. US citizen does not have current health insurance. You are not entitled to health insurance from a government agency such as Medicaid. A family of 3 cannot earn more than $ 2,934 a month.

Children with KidsCare health insurance are covered for doctor visits, eye exams, dental visits and emergency room visits.

Arizona Healthcare Cost Containment System (AHCCCS)

AHCCCS provides basic medical insurance from A to Z to children whose parents are right in the federal poverty line. A family of two can only earn $ 1,167 per month. Of course, the child must be a resident of Arizona, have a social security number, and there is no limit to how much care the child can receive. There are a few different AHCCCS programs that can benefit children under the age of 19. These include AHCCCS, KidsCare, SOBRA for Children, and the Arizona Long Term Care Program. The only program designed for those under the age of 21 is the Youth Transport Insurance Program (YATI). Eligibility requirements for different AHCCCS programs vary from one to the other so be sure to speak with a state representative or knowledgeable agent to help you with the details.

Compare child health insurance rates and Arizona online

There are many different options for child health care in Arizona: KidCare, AHCCCS, Medicaid, and other government programs.

Rental of water skiing and water skiing boats in Utah, Arizona, Nevada, California, Idaho and Colorado.

It can be difficult to understand how to manage the rental of boats dedicated to ski competition, which is why we offer water training using any of our equipment. We can teach you how to avoid damage to others around you, the boat. All of our boat drivers / trainers have a certified boat license whether you rent or rent these amazing boats so you can get the best experience in any lake of your choice. Come and test all the lakes and reservoirs in the western states.

Boats were created for people who love boats by people who love boats. We understand that not everyone always has the means or the time to deal with boat ownership. Service is our business and we are committed to providing our customers with the best possible water experience. Whether you're renting a boat or a driver or renting a boat on your own, you won't be disappointed with our boat and equipment standards. We use the best in competition boats from MasterCraft and water sports equipment from Hyperlite. We buy new equipment every year to make sure our customers get the best water sports equipment! We also offer many services to make your vacation to the lake easy and fun, such as delivery and delivery, catering services, rental waverunner, lessons, and total holiday packages. We can take care of anything you want from us, just ask!

Here are some of the other things we offer: Specialists in chartering, chartering and rental services. Jet Ski, Weaverer, and PWC Boat Rental. Hyperlite Water sports equipment hire and transfer / car rental. Delivery services for all lakes and reservoirs. Holiday packages to the Great Lakes including Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Mojave, Lake Tahoe, Lake Bear, Lake Shasta, and more. If it comes to water sports, we do it!

Come and enjoy the outdoor water sports experience! Learn how to ski, water skiing, wake-up skiing, surfing, knee board, air chair, tube and more. You can ride a professional using the latest boats and competing equipment on a new world class boat led by a professional driver. Our chartered boat service is our specialty! This is how to spend a holiday with a group of friends, business or family.

Let's handle your delivery to any lake, drive and clean the boat, so that you and your two groups have more time together, and in the water. Provide lessons and instructions ranging from getting your first trip to mastering your favorite trick landing. There is activity for everyone, even young children.

We specialize in rental and charter services for water skiing and water boats. Jet Ski, Weaverer, and PWC Boat Rental. Hyperlite Water sports equipment hire and transfer / car rental. Delivery services for all lakes and reservoirs. Holiday packages to the Great Lakes including Lake Powell, Lake Mead, Lake Mojave, Lake Tahoe, Lake Bear, Lake Shasta, and more. If it comes to water sports, we do it!

Come and enjoy the outdoor water sports experience! Learn how to ski, water skiing, wake-up skiing, surfing, knee board, air chair, tube and more. You can ride a professional using the latest boats and competing equipment on a new world class boat led by a professional driver. Our chartered boat service is our specialty! This is how to spend a holiday with a group of friends, business or family

Make sure the company offers a boat rental service with the latest competing boards and MasterCraft water ski boats, hire Hyperlite water sports equipment, and rent a tow car.

Arizona schools are above average for less money

Arizona schools are slightly above average and this is good news. When superintendent Tom Horn issued the state report card for 2006, it was with the news that Arizona schools are usually placed either on average, or just above, on the indicators used to compare schools across the country. College entrance exams, SATs, ACTs and the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP) all place Arizona schools in the top half of the nation's public schools.

What's more interesting is that Arizona schools reach this higher-than-average situation while spending less money per pupil from every state except Utah. Superintendent Tom Horn said increasing government spending on the national average per pupil would push Arizona's schools to the top ten. The state has not yet approved this funding.

According to Education Week magazine figures, Arizona schools spend $ 6,010 per student per year. Compare this to the highest spenders in New Jersey for $ 11,269, the average Virginia at $ 7,751, and Utah at the bottom of the barrel for $ 5,132. The fact that Arizona schools are still able to achieve higher-than-average ratings suggests that Horne might be correct in his assumption. Studies have shown that there is a positive relationship between the state spending for each student and achievement. Arizona schools seem to be doing the right thing.

This does not mean that everything is rosy in Arizona schools. Students' results on the AIMS statewide test consistently report a pass rate of 70% or less. While this places schools in Arizona in the "expected performance area" of the NAEP index, the numbers collapse when viewed as race and ethnicity. Success rates fall to about 60% for African American students, 50% for Native American students, and 40% for children of migrant workers. When evaluated using the Adequate Annual Progress Scale (AYP), 1,249 Arizona schools succeeded, while 608 did not achieve their goals.

Concerns about the achievement gap affect the nation, as well as the Arizona schools. Arizona schools have a special interest in teaching children who do not speak English as a mother tongue. The funding of ELL programs has become the subject of intense debate as the nation grapples with border control and immigration policies. Whether full immersion provides non-English speakers with the skills to succeed, whether and how to pay for unregistered immigrant children, and the teaching time devoted to these students are all hotly debated topics in Arizona schools.

Some lawmakers feel that the state should not pay the bill because of what they see as the federal government's inability to enforce immigration laws and border controls. Others insist that these issues do not rob State responsibility to meet the educational needs of every child in Arizona schools. Given the state's above-average rankings (21 at the NAEP level) in many areas despite concerns about the education of minorities and immigrants, it would be interesting to know whether the state finances higher than spending per student for the next school year. If Arizona schools make higher investments, it will be interesting to see the results.

Arizona MLS Systems

When buying or selling real estate in Arizona, one cannot get anywhere without a multiple listing service (MLS). The MLS is a database of homes for sale and an offer among brokers to compensate each other if they represent a buyer who buys their listed property. It is the best marketing tool available to sellers. For buyers, it's the best way to find homes by hiring a real estate agent with multilateral access or browsing MLS listings on a website. Buyers can select several buying options without having to drive all day looking for "for sale" signs. Both buyers and sellers can use MLS sales data to identify similar sold properties ("comps"), a very useful step in determining how a property is priced or what it offers.

While MLS is a very useful tool, how to set it up is a mystery to most homeowners. While MLS systems are usually designated as a separate company, each MLS is associated with local associations of realtors. In some cases, multiple associations will unite to form or own their own MLM. For example, in northwestern Arizona, three separate broker associations in Mojave County, Bullhead City, Lake Havasu City, and Kingman have assembled their systems to form a single system called WARDEX (West Arizona Regional Data Exchange). In the Phoenix area, five separate associations share the same system as ARMLS (a multiple regional listing service in Arizona).

Multiple listing services vary greatly in size. The Phoenix System, ARMLS, is the fifth largest system in the country with nearly 40,000 members. Tucson also has a very large MLS. Payson, a famous mountain town for second home buyers, on the other hand, has its own system with fewer than 1,000 members. La Paz County MLS which primarily serves Parker, Arizona, has MLS with only a handful of member brokers. One MLS in the eastern part of the state is nothing more than a small site with a short list of properties.

It is extremely important to be placed in the correct MLS. The property in Prescott, Arizona, must be listed in Prescott MLS to be visible to local Prescott brokers working with their clients. Even if a realtor Prescott also works in Sun Valley and ARMLS membership contract, he will not log into ARMLS to locate real estate in Prescott. They use Prescott MLS when searching for or listing Prescott properties; they will use ARMLS for Maricopa and Pinal county (Phoenix) properties. Some buyers and sellers mistakenly believe that ARMLS is a statewide MLS, allowing a Phoenix area broker to list state properties and allow them full access to MLS data on all properties in the state. This is not the case. Each region has its own system, its own membership requirements, its own policies, etc. In Southern Arizona, for example, some brokers have joined 3 different companies from MLS: Tucson, Green Valley, and Southeast Arizona in order to benefit from more communities.

Putting you in the right MLS system is critical for residential property sellers. Taking a minute to understand the different systems in Arizona is beneficial to all homeowners.