What is Scottsdale, Arizona Known For?

Scottsdale, Arizona has become a well known vacation destination. Arizona is known as a place that is wonderful to visit because of its fantastic weather throughout the winter months and its breathtaking scenery. However, not everyone knows what it is that makes Scottsdale so special.

Scottsdale is truly a golfer's paradise. The weather makes it perfect for golfing as it rarely rains during the year. In fact, every year the TCP in Scottsdale draws thousands of golf spectators to enjoy the event. Additionally, there are many top quality golf courses for you to play on, and many of these are located adjacent to some of the four and five star resorts that draw visitors to Scottsdale.

Scottsdale is filled with gorgeous resorts to make your stay comfortable. These resorts all have luxurious room amenities, top quality dining establishments, and relaxing pools and spas. Truth be told you do not even need to leave the grounds of many of these resorts to have a good time. However, Scottsdale has many things to see and do so you definitely want to take a bit of time to explore the surrounding area.

Scottsdale, Arizona is known for its shopping. Of course it has a large upscale shopping center, The Scottsdale Fashion Square, but that is not the only shopping that it has. Additionally, there are many smaller top quality boutiques scattered throughout downtown Scottsdale. Additionally, you can find some of these stores located in the Scottsdale waterfront area or in the upper class Borgata shopping district.

Shopping is not all that Scottsdale is known for. There are many delicious eating establishments throughout Scottsdale. There are some larger restaurants and chains like PF Changs, RA, Modern Steak, and Kona Grill. However, the true magic of dining in Scottsdale is some of the smaller more unique eateries like Cowboy Ciao, Bandera, and Stingray Sushi. Wine is also a big thing in Scottsdale, and there are a few unique establishments that you will want to look into. Su Vino Winery is a local winery located in old town Scottsdale that features local wines in a quaint environment.

Nightlife is a bit part of Scottsdale's popularity. There are many different bars and clubs for you to frequent. If you are looking for a hidden getaway you might want to try to find Kazmirez Wine Bar. This wine bar is hidden behind an unmarked door and within its walls you will feel like you have stepped back in time to a hidden speakeasy. While at Kazmirez you can enjoy a flight of wine, a flight of vodka, and some gourmet appetizers.

Geisha a Go Go is another hot spot in Scottsdale. It is known for its signature pink cocktail, the "Hello Kitty." Additionally, you can rent out karaoke rooms here to really start to have some fun. For those who want to head out on the town to get their groove on Axis Radius is a perfect destination. This indoor / outdoor club features two bars under one roof. One features traditional techno dancing while the other features top 40 music to groove with.