Learn Skydiving in Arizona

Unsurprisingly. Arizona is also a decisive ground for many extreme sports enthusiasts who appreciate the beauty of the scenery while watching incompatible entertainment. at least. Skydiving is no exception. Skydiving in Arizona took a lifetime of its own as countless fanatics flooded the area to look at the sky at 10,000 feet.

Over the years. Five major skydiving centers have emerged in Arizona: DesertSkydivingCenter. MaranaSkydivingCenter. Skydiving Sedona and Skydive Arizona.

Arizona kydivingCoolidge. Located in Coolidge. Is one of the most famous landing areas in Arizona. Offer along. AFF. A hard jump, this center is more than just a learning and jumping experience. With restaurants. camping. bar. And even a pond. This site has many amenities to please everyone. Not just those jumping.

DesertSkydivingCenter. Located in Paki. Also offers along. AFF. Fixed line will jump. While much smaller than College and provide less amenities. This site focuses more on the basics while providing a more 'home' environment

MaranaSkydivingCenter. Located in Marana. Just advance along and jump a fixed line. Focuses more on the novice bird. It also provides some facilities other than the basics. This is a good place for those who started.

Skydiving Sedona. Located in Cottonwood. Combined and AFF.Also offers less commercial than some counterparts. This is a convenient projection area. It offers incredible views of the red rock cliffs and snow-capped mountains. Sedona offers an unparalleled experience.

Arizona skydiving. Located in Eloy. Looks like a coolidge. It offers more business features and restaurants. bar. The combined pool.Offering the AFF. One drawback is the lack of a fixed jump line. Other amenities far outweigh this shortage.

Whether hiking with birds or watching in awe of the earth. Arizona is an exceptional place to experience skydiving.